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          PAPERA TRADERS is No1 Japanese used vehicle exporter.We provide low price, good and safe reconditioned cars.

          Why you choose PAPERA?

          25 Years Experience

          Our company was established in 1991. We have been creating our customers' smiles by delivering high quality cars to all over the world.

          First Class Customer Service

          All staffs in Papera Traders are Japanese.
          We are always happy to assist you with the kindest hospitality.

          High Quality

          Unlike other used car exporters, we have our own workshop and service all the cars there.
          Our high skilled mechanics always give the greatest dedication to deliver the highest quality vehicles to you.

          What we do for All Cars

          • - Initial Condition Check
          • - Driving Test
          • - Basic Maintenance
          • - Electric Maintenance
          • - Oil Check
          • - Condition Check
          • - Car Polish
          • - Interior Cleaning
          • - Providing Spare Keys
            (Japanese cars only)
          • All included to the car price

          At your request, we can also offer the following services;

          Special Maintenance

          We can provide Special Maintenance upon your request.

          Our skilled mechanics will give your car extra services to match it with 4.0 to 4.5 point of auction grade.

          This will cost extra 300 to 500 USD, and we believe you will be satisfied with the quality of our works.



          As-Is Condition:
          Not major, but some visible scratches.

          Papera Standard:
          Scratches removed.


          As-Is Condition:
          Not major, but visible dent on
          the left back door.

          Papera Standard:
          The dent has been removed without trace.


          As-Is Condition:
          The tyres are still road worthy,
          but wearing out.

          Papera Standard:
          The tyres are completely road worthy
          and in good condition.


          Tyre lock nuts
          From USD 200

          Navigation lock nuts
          From USD 50

          Spare immobilizer key
          From USD 300

          Anti-theft alarm system
          From USD 200


          Front grill
          From USD 300

          English navigation
          From USD 500

          Alloy wheels
          From USD 300

          From USD 300

          Fog lamps
          From USD 500

          Leather cover
          From USD 500

          Roof rails
          From USD 300

          Back camera
          From USD 300

          Mud guard
          From USD 200

          Side steps
          From USD 500

          Steering cover
          From USD 100

          Wood dash panel
          From USD 300

          Corner sensor
          From USD 500

          Door knob
          From USD 150

          English navi with DVD
          From USD 600

          Flip down DVD monitor
          From USD 150

          Back seat head rests
          From USD 300

          Brand new tyres
          From USD 300

          Replacement of
          brand new spare parts
          From USD 300

          Brake pads
          From USD 200


          Change of body color
          From USD 1000

          Put company name
          or logo on the body
          From USD 800

          Roof rack
          From USD 600